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(December 8, 2014)

Was JRR Tolkien inspired by the
 "Great Monarch Prophecies"
 when writing his famous epic?

(Batalha Publishers, Hardback, February 28, 2014)

A poetical celebration of the enigmatic masked genius haunting the depths of the Paris Opéra house.

(Translated from the French chronicles.)
(FREE   E-Book, December 1, 2011)

Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

(Batalha Publishers, Hardback, May 21, 2011)

    Creative and impetuous, Katherine Walsingham has simple but grand plans after she receives her Masters degree in art--to defiantly strive for the highest ideals in her work contrary to modernist trends, and, like many artists, to open her own gallery, right in the heart of fashionable Manhattan, never suspecting the successes and triumphs, bumps and trials that will head her way.  Consumed with her career goals and not prepared to settle down just yet, she discovers life and love have a strange way of turning all her best laid plans topsy-turvy ... with bittersweet consequences. 


 FAUST: My Soul be Damned for the World, Vol. 1

(Batalha Publishers, 1st Hardback Edition, August 2010)
A comprehensive exploration of Dr. Faust, the man who sold his soul to the Devil, and those who dared to tell his tale. 
Volume 1 includes:
  • New insights into the life and times of the historical Dr. Faustus, the notorious occultist and charlatan who reputedly declared the devil was his ´brother-in-law´.
  • A detailed study of the first Faust books and the popular Faustian folk tales.
  • Original discussions on Christopher Marlowe´s famous drama and his ´atheistic´ rendition of the Faustian myth, including new a unique and controversial  analysis of the A and B texts.
  • The days of the Faust puppet plays.
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing´s unfinished Faust drama. 


FAUST: My Soul be Damned for the World, Vol. 2

(Batalha Publishers, 1st Hardback Edition, August 2010)

Volume 2 features:
  • A unique, in-depth account of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's masterpiece, Faust, Parts One and Two.
  • An examination of the early sketches of his classic drama.
  • Includes detailed explanations of Goethe's hidden symbolism in the text, his interest in history and science, the occult, alchemy, Freemasonry and his warnings to future generations.

Handel's Path to Covent Garden

(Batalha Publishers, August 2010)

         Many Classical music lovers are familiar with the composer George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) for his famous “Messiah” oratorio, but are not aware his preferred area of composition was Italian opera seria.   Biographical books explore his career as an opera composer and the rise of the new pious genre when Italian opera was no longer popular in London, but rarely do we find detailed accounts or discussions of that strange period in the 1730s when this shift in popularity forced Handel to leave the Haymarket theatre and join with John Rich at Covent Garden where he tried to carry on the Royal Academy opera company in competition with the new Opera of the Nobility venture founded by the Prince of Wales before he was finally forced to abandon opera in favour of the oratorio. This book explores this rocky transition period and how it affected Handel’s work, namely, his addition of French elements into his operas and other novel innovations in order to regain his chagrined public. There are discussions exploring the possibility Handel was his own worse enemy with regards to his business decisions as impresario-composer, alienating the Italians of London and his public, which nearly cost him his career.  A fascinating study for Handel admirers. 

A Compendium of Essays:  Purcell, Hogarth and Handel, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy and Andrew Lloyd Webber

(Batalha Publishers, August 2010)

        As the title displays, this publication features several essays spanning the gamut of musical styles and eras, from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Impressionist periods to the modern musicals of the West End and Broadway.  Each essay concentrates on a famous composer and a landmark composition or an important topic particular to each era. 


  1. Greetings to you Elizabeth Ann! -from over here in the south-eastern USA state of Georgia! I am hoping and wondering if it will be permitted for me to mention here my novels (and their URLs) titled "The Rood Awakening" (
    and "The Return of the Once and Future Kings",
    (, please; the latter of which entails a Biblical prophesy (Exodus 19:6) being "fulfilled" by a collective "King Arthur/Great Monarch" comprised of the converted people of Avalon, the novel have an Arthurian-theme but contemporary setting; the second novel is titled "The Rood Awakening", ( which entails an evangelartist (like yourself as well, i.e. one who makes the Gospel known via our examples and talented employment of cultural phenomena such as art, literature, music, legendary characters, etc.): The evangelartist (Evan Jonarcson)is from the USA during wartime Sarajevo employing his art form (which incorporates the war-devastated ruins-debris)to aid the survivors toward making the right choice for the right guidelines for rebuilding ("from the ruins") their relationships with God, with one another and for rebuilding a Christian civilization.

    (The Bible-introductory study method I've been inspired to develop and incorporate within this art form and novel consists of seven creation stewardship-oriented teaching commands of Jesus comprising what I call The Formatrix Criterion Paradigm. Unaware that "formatrix" was a term that already existed, aptly meaning "she who forms", I developed this name (combining "form" as in to shape, and "matrix", as in "womb")for Our Lady as a means to encapsulate the functions of all Her intercessory roles and titles: That title entails the Mariology that Her Immaculate Heart is comparable to Her exalted womb wherein Jesus was formed, Her Heart/Womb now serving with the Holy Spirit to form us into the likeness of Jesus as well.

    (Criterion, as in group of faith and conscience formative guidelines given by Jesus, and "Paradigm" as in "Perfect archetype or example and pattern of moral human motivation and behavior.")

    The art form itself is developed in an artheology I've developed over the past 20 years and is titled in yet another book, "The Runicons of Choice: Therapeutic Art for a Broken World"... and here is the URL for that one as well:
    If you were to ask I will be happy to send to you PDF file copies of each entire manuscript (all now located on Create Space's E-Store).

    As a fellow Catholic author and evangelartist I would be extremely grateful to be allowed to post these novels here for others to consider purchasing as a Catholic-cultural means and as a supplemental example of edifyingly educational entertainment diverting them toward and not away from the Lord. If you prefer not to allow this, well, may God continue to bless and protect and inspire you anyway: It's just that I have been searching for a Catholic literary for years and who would be willing to represent my work:

    How, may I ask, on earth did you get your work published by a "traditional" publisher and how did you find a Catholic agent who represented you thereto?

    Well, I hope you are indeed being continually blessed and inspired by the environment there in Fatima. I've not been there but traveled to the UK and up to Edinburgh (in 1987)where I become inspired with a plan to create a Michael-the-Archangel-slaying-the-dragon video... some day, God willing.
    I've enjoyed studying your various web sites: Mine is a dormant one waiting for me to develop its partially initiated site, i.e.

    Again, may you be blessed continually by Our Lady, Formatrix of All Christians!

    Fraternally yours in Christ through our Mother of the Sorrowful Heart/Womb,
    Kevin (Landry)

  2. Hello again to you Elizabeth!

    I hope you are doing OK. I am writing now because I have been pondering the letter you sent in respond to my earlier (if lengthy) letters, and it has finally occurred to me that we have both missed the point I made in my earlier letter about PREPARING for Elijah/King Arthur/the Great Monarch, etc. by simply and collectively as God’s Church OBEYING His will as it is provided to us in the Bible.

    So what I am talking about is not trying to fulfill any prophesy concerning Elijah or anyone else except those who collectively comprise the “seed” of the woman comprising her future “heel” mentioned in Genesis 3:15:

    We should not be waiting around until someone gives us permission to study the Bible and begin to live by the vision of God’s Word, will, truth and laws of love.
    For hundreds of years until only recent decades our clergy have failed to counsel us – the laity – to daily access, study and obey that vision, integrating it within every aspect of our lives, and so, collectively forming the heel of the woman to whom the Lord referred – her seed or children who comprise the Christian Catholic Church – whereby to crush the head of the serpent/dragon: It is that beast who in Revelation 12 is waiting to not just kill but to devour and demonically digest (toward serving its own designs) the “child” that is to be born to wield the “rod of iron” (the acronym for which is “roi,” French for king/ruler): It is these who, for all intentions and purposes of our obeying God’s will, are God’s long prophesied collective “kingdom of priests” (Exodus 19:6) consisting of Priestly kings (the laity) and kingly Priests (the clergy, the spiritual fathers).

    Of course it is written that Elijah will influence the fathers to turn their (collective) heart to begin to love the children and vice verse so as to restore order and that vision of God’s Word in the world again, “else the Lord will smite the earth with a curse.” Well, I am not Elijah, but I am one of God’s children who desires to know and obey God’s will, and as a result of many experiences of witnessing how our clergy to this day have neglected counseling us to daily study the Word I have written a book titled The Silence of the Shepherds: The Evidence and the Remedy, as I think I mentioned in my earlier letters.

    Therein I exposition the very worst of scandals of the clergy which has been their virtual prevention of the laity from accessing and studying God’s Word, the main exceptions being the nobility of centuries past who could afford to be educated and to even possess their own copies of the Scriptures.continued:

  3. Many of these became canonized saints: Well- is it any wonder that this occurred in the lives of men and women who knew far more of God’s Word than the vast peasant membership of the Church whose only access to the Word consisted hearing perhaps only one homily per week; and it was in Latin which most could not understand and so all they had were those proverbial stained glass windows to tell them stories of the Bible, etc. But comparatively few of the peasants (such as St. Joan of Arc) became saints and which was owing to their lack of the knowledge of God’s Word due to the neglect of the clergy/priests of those times, as evidenced and foretold of these times in the following:

    Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that you shall be no priest to me: Seeing (that) you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."

    Due to our lack of which knowledge many lost or never had moral restraint and perished even as so many are perishing today (Proverbs 29:18) and many of which as “Catholics” are failing to influence others to live by the Word on the scale that has always been necessary and possible: Instead many have made their religion consist of the ONLY the Eucharist (which many profane when they received Him owing to their failure to repent of their sins: They have made a religion of admiring saints instead of following their examples by studying and living by God’s Word (especially the teaching commands of Jesus Christ) on a daily basis.

    So many fail to realize that those saints did not and cannot live our faith for us: Many Catholics talk about the saints purely (or rather impurely) out of the motive of trying to sound pious and holy themselves: It is as if by a name-dropping association with the saints they become saints themselves and/or they are secretly trying to impress people and to draw their admiration for their verbal piety; but it really doesn’t work that way: (Luke 13:27)

    Such motivation is little different from that of Simon Magus the magician who tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit from St. Paul so that he could deceive people and obtain their admiration and esteem. MANY MANY “Catholics” do the right thing but for the wrong reason, the wrong motivation, and there are dire consequences to be realized from this of what Jesus will say to such people in the end. (Matthew 7:21-23) Many are excessively “loyal” to clergy and the Pope and so you see individuals fawning over Francis and having him kiss their babies when by his fruits we are supposed to be recognizing him as a very mistaken leader misleading us into the abyss:

  4. Those “loyalists” of false leaders (I don’t not mean true Popes but false popes who subject that role to the devil’s lie) are going to be devastated when the truth – to late - becomes painfully evident: They will indeed be like “sheep without a shepherd”, not even knowing Jesus’ our Shepherd’s teaching commands that will help them know what to do when disaster envelopes everything.
    So we are not to be dragging our feet about the study and living of God’s Word.

    And so, to the end that people may learn to study and integrate that vision within their lives, I was inspired in 1988 to develop what I call The Formatrix Criterion Paradigm: “Form”, as in to shape, and “matrix”, as in womb; “criterion” as in criteria or guidelines forming a perfect archetype – a paradigm – or example and pattern of moral, charity-motivated behavior: (1st Timothy 1:13; Hebrews 8:5)

    The Criterion is a group of seven of Jesus’ teaching commands implicit to each of which is a different resource of which each of us is capable of stewarding in charitable works in service to God and the eternally common good of all: But we are not each equally endowed with the same measures of such resources, warranting that we manifest ourselves as children of God Whose loving nature we evidence of our faith and our stewardship of His creation:

    It is by charitable motivation as evidence of our faith in Christ that we are to manifest in the stewarding of creation whereby we may realize in time the restoration of our dominion with God as He intended for us in the beginning. (Genesis 1:26, 28) Those seven Criterion teaching commands and their resources are as follow, in brief:
    Jesus’ Seven Teaching Command comprising
    The Formatrix Criterion Paradigm

    (1) Matthew 6:33 "Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and all else that you need will be provided”; Implicit resource: The mind with its faculties of reason, intellect, imagination and memory;

    (2) Matthew 10:16 “Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves”; Implicit resource: wisdom (or all knowledge and information about creation and the human experience thereof subject to God’s will);

    (3) Matthew 12:33 “Either make the tree good and the fruit good or make the tree corrupt and the fruit corrupt”; Implicit resource: free will (or the capability to choose an ultimate end, good or evil, and the good or evil means or expressions of achieving it); (Note: These first three teaching commands work together to determine how we will employ themselves and the following five commands in service to God or to the devil.)

    (4) Luke 14:27 (clariphrased KRL) “To be My disciple you must deny yourself each day and take up your cross and follow Me”; Implicit resource: the human body (and all experiences associated thereof, whether suffering or pleasure; see Evangelart Defined and Expositioned);

    (5) Luke 16:9 (clariphrased KRL) “Make friends of the mammon of this world so that when it fails you will have treasure in eternity”; Implicit resource: money (or mammon) (and/or all material resources including time and space which money can purchase and/or in which it can be invested, such as “the mammon of the media.”)

    (6) Matthew 7:12 (clariphrased KRL) "Do to others as you would have them do to you"; Implicit resource: Liberty (or the civil freedom to act, to do anything);

    (7) Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine in the sight of men so that they will see your good works and give glory to God;” Implicit resource: role (as indicated by the parameters of talent, resource stewarding authority and influence which are implicit to all resources).


  5. Implicit to each of these creation stewardship-oriented teaching commands are two teachings of John the Baptist, who in principle foreshadowed the restoration of all things inasmuch as he introduced to mankind the Means for such restoration in our hearts: These two principle teachings are “Make distinctive the way of the Lord,” (Matthew 3:3), which is the objective of our obedience to Jesus’ command that we “love one another”, John 13:34, and the second teaching is “(Jesus) must increase and I must decrease”, (John 3:30, paraphrased): This is achieved through the motive of love in our hearts being manifest outwardly in our behavior as children of God and stewards of His creation.

    However, most Catholics fail to remember that it was Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of Christ (whom He implicitly gave to each of us through St. John at the Cross, and) who instructed us to “Do whatsoever (Jesus) tells you to do.”

    So by forgetting such instruction from our spiritual Mother we also forget just what it was that Jesus taught, namely (beginning with) “-teach them to obey all the commands that I gave you.” (Matthew 28:20)

    Those commands were not ONLY the Ten Commandments but also the teachings He spoke to His disciples during His three year ministry, and of which The Criterion provided above is a creation-stewardship oriented sampling.
    (The Criterion is integrated within each of my 12 books as means to evangelize and form first the interior of the Church of Biblically illiterate “Catholics”: Most of these up to now can only be “universally” characterized as being Biblically illiterate, and so, indistinctive from the world wicked (as foreshadowed by the Lord’s words to the Israelites of 2nd Chronicles 7:14)

    So am I or are you or anyone supposed to wait for one of the various apocalyptic heroic leadership figures to show up before we begin to obey, for a paradigmatic example, at least those seven guidelines of Christ, implicit to which are all the rest of the words spoken by the mouth of God? The fact is that if most Churchmen obeyed only those seven criteria they would be obeying far more than they’ve been obeying all of their lives.
    So it would only be right and good to begin promoting the study of those guidelines among at least “Catholics” who need them as the unique Scriptural introduction and life integrating teaching commands of Jesus Christ, our King and Lord: And He has not merely suggested but has commanded that we study and live by those words.

    And so I include The Criterion within the book The Silence of the Shepherds: The Evidence and the Remedy as THE REMEDY and which the clergy need to live by as well: I am making efforts to convey the contents of this book to our clergy who in principle are comparable to “the fathers” who need their hearts and love turned toward us laity whom they have neglected and scandalized.

    So Elizabeth, it is in obedience to the Lord’s words that I am trying to expand my comfort zone of sitting here writing these words toward employing the vision of God’s Word, will, truth and laws of love within the minds and hearts of spiritually starving fellow Churchmen. I invite you to do the same: I invite and exhort you to serve in your capacity as not just a prophet (not merely predictors of the future or who communicate prophecies made by others) but as one of many evangelartist who as one of God’s children is “greater” than the prophets of the OT: (Matthew 11:11; 18:4)


  6. I do not merely mean this in terms of predicting the future but in terms of engineering it for the better through the prophesy of edifying, exhorting and comforting one another as St. Paul defined that gift. It is the gift of service to God and ministry (as Jesus defines “great”, Matthew 20:25-28) to one another:

    For we are to be expanding our comfort zones created by our now far greater abundances of material and talent resources than people of past centuries so as to enclose those in need who surround us. It is not ONLY physical food and clothing we are morally noblesse-obliged to supply (or at least to employ our talents of our roles as influences to the masses) but we are to provide the Word of God to fill their empty souls, minds and lives and to employ all the means to which Paul referred.

    By such means (including prayerfulness such as through the Rosary, employing our resource #1 of the mind to do so) we are meant to aid Our Lady toward forming them into the likeness of Jesus by feeding one another (if subtly via edifyingly educational entertainment) the words of life whereby they may become worthy to receive the Bread of Life within the Blessed Sacrament.

    So then Elizabeth, are you willing to read and create book reviews of at least one of my books and yet perhaps the currently entire Formatrix Curriculum of 12 books (three novels and nine non-fiction works) the study of which can comprise a perpetual means of faith and conscience formation, whether among those aspiring to be Catholic media Stewards, or as member of families? If you request them will be happy to resend the PDF files of each book now published via Create Space, or I can have them shipped to you at no charge to yourself.

    It is in this added way that you can employ your talents as a prolific writer and author, Elizabeth: You can do this by expanding the extents of your use of such talents to enclose and create promotional reviews of The Formatrix Curriculum Paradigm to clergy, laity and anyone else who may wish to embrace the Christian/Catholic faith as defined by God’s Word.


  7. So of course I am NOT Elijah trying to turn the hearts of the fathers/clergy to the children whom they have neglected: But I don’t need to be that prophet nor does anyone else in order to be one of God’s adopted children who is simply and obediently following His orders already provided to us in the Bible. None of us needs anyone’s permission to do God’s will nor need we to wait on the arrival of Elijah or King Arthur or the Great Monarch nor even Jesus to descend to us when we already have Jesus’ words in the Bible telling us to obey Him.

    In truth, it is Jesus’ neglected words which comprise that sWord which still pierces our Lady’s soul, and this is owing to the clergy having virtually tossed it aside and away from US but which was so lovingly if painfully caught and immured all these centuries within Our Loving Mother’s soul:

    So then, it is within that book titled “The Silence of the Shepherds etc.” that I expose for all good purposes and intentions the guilt-laden “secret thoughts of the many” - our clergy - to whom Simeon referred in his prophecies to Mary in the temple: Those prophesies, especially the last of which (Luke 2:34, 35), are now being fulfilled in your reading of these words and through that book which all clergy need to study toward implementing the Remedy at long last as their means to repent and make reparation for their corporate neglect.

    For what worse sin is there that can create what more worse guilty thoughts than that of our clergy who for many centuries neglected to provide the vision of God’s Word on a far greater and necessary scale than most have dared to consider? The Scriptures were meant to serve as our means to avoid sin and to avoid perishing as a church, a nation and civilization itself: If there is anything worse than encouraging people to commit sin it is depriving them of the vision of God’s Word whereby we are enabled to avoid sin and to know and do the Lord’s will. We don't need to wait for Elijah or the Great Monarch to tell us to do this.


  8. So regardless of how pleasant and orderly things seem to us when we are watching something on EWTN or when we are at Mass where everyone is smiling at one another; many have become lulled into complacency and the thinking that “all is right with the world” by such external appearances and religious enterprises. Most are blind to the “signs of the times”, that is, the evidences of disasters and catastrophes which depict and reflect America's choice to serve the devil through the abundance with which we have been blessed; and all too many are still sitting back to watch innumerable motion pictures which depict all sorts of disasters but none of which are providing the solution of God’s Word as means to at least mitigate those events when they occur. I have two novels which if produced as films could help to achieve that.

    However, here in the USA where I’ve tried for many years to promote a Christian art form which is pro-life, I’ve met nothing but opposition among both Catholics (especially clergy) as well as secular people such as secular art museum curators.

    Relevant to the adversity which I have encountered in my efforts to promote a Christian art form, the consequences to the nation and its choice of God-less ends and values was reflected in a dream/vision I was given in 1999: Therein Our Lady and an angel stood at opposite ends of a large picture of the USA which was covered with disasters. As I may have already mentioned, the picture I later realized was a painting – another work of art depicting what the American people PREFERRED over other art or cultural expressions which conveys God’s Word: The catastrophe-depicting theme of that painting simply reflected the consequences for the choice of “art” and the values preferred by the majority of Americans and people of the world:

    And so Elizabeth, it is well and good that you evangelartly employ your talents and other resources to create your various attractive and well designed web pages and your novels and other literary works: Your books could well serve as formative extensions and supplemental works to the Formatrix Curriculum.

    For now, however, your talents are needed also to help promote the Curriculum “by all means (to) save some” (or really as many as possible) as St. Paul implicitly stated (1st Corinthians 9:22). I see those words as the slogan and motto of all evangelartists such as ourselves, that is, those who comprise the adopted children of God whom Jesus ORIGINALLY called to the work of evangelization so very long ago.

    And so now it is clear to me that I must tie up some loose ends on the development of The Silence of the Shepherds etc. and to re-upload it to Create Space and finally complete that work, but which has been published in its present state.

    In the meantime it is not the appearance of Elijah or the Great Monarch that we should occupy ourselves with but the preparation for their arrival, especially that of Jesus. Not one of us needs special permission to live by the vision of God’s Word.

    Thank you once again for reading yet another of my letters, Elizabeth. Do please let me know of your decision concerning my invitation to review my books.

    Fraternally yours in Christ through Our Lady, Formatrix of All Christians,

    Kevin (Landry)