Phantom Phantasia: Poetry for the Phantom of the Opera Phan

"The Opera Ghost really existed," Gaston Leroux declared, introducing the world to his most famous literary character, the Phantom of the Opera. The legendary Opera Ghost continues to live in the hearts of Phans dedicated to Leroux's tale of mystery, passion and unrequited love. 

"Phantom Phantasia" by E.A. Bucchianeri is a poetical celebration of the enigmatic masked genius haunting the depths of the Paris Opera house. A collection of twenty poems varying in style from the serious to the comic, each poem is richly illustrated with vintage images in addition to artwork, photographs and original colour plates designed by the author evoking the elegant Belle Epoque days of Paris.

  Book Details:

Batalha Publishers, February 28, 2014
80 pages.
Available in Hardback

ISBN 9899684465 
(ISBN13: 9789899684461)
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List of Poems:  

A Concert in the Theatre *  Rouen * Thanks to the Daroga * The Little Matter of Box Five *
Dies Irae * Music Helps to Forget * First Encounter * My Dear Erik *  The Carlotta Waltz *
The Dreams of the Phantom Fall * Five Cellars Down * Apollo's Lyre * How Blessed, How Blind *  A Jest with Leroux * Bad POTO Versions * The Daroga's Warning * The Eleventh Hour * Erik est Mort * The Mask and the Rose * To Impress a Phan Girl