A Thought For Each Day of the Year by Fr. Marin de Boylesve






 Meditation, or contemplative prayer, is the practise of dwelling upon the truths of religion in order to awaken within the mind good resolutions to practise.  Together with vocal prayer, meditation aids the faithful to gain graces and to advance rapidly on the path to spiritual perfection.


 In addition to daily vocal prayers, the Catholic Church recommends the practise of meditation for at least several minutes a day in order to progress in the spiritual life.

    But meditation is difficult you say?

  'I don't have the time!'   

'I don't know how to meditate!'  

'I don't know what to meditate on!'  

'How do I form a good resolution to practise?' 


Fr. Marin de Boylesve, S.J. (1813-1892) provided an easy way to overcome these seeming hurdles with his helpful spiritual guide book 'A Thought For Each Day of the Year'.

Featuring a short passage from the Gospel readings for each Sunday, a clear and concise reflection to meditate upon and a prayer inspired by the reflection is provided, followed by a resolution drawn from the passage that anyone can easily put into practise, 'A Thought For Each Day of the Year' will provide a simple and time effective way to help fulfil your daily meditations in union with the liturgical year of the Church.

About the author: Fr. Marin de Boylesve is best remembered in France for spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart with his writings thereby promoting the cause for the construction of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris.

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By Fr. Marin de Boylesve

 5.5 x 8.5 inches


336 pages

Batalha Publishers

ISBN:  9789893319956


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A Thought for Each Day of the Year

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QUOTE from the book ~ the Meditation for Easter Sunday:

Gospel Passage "Who shall roll us back the stone from the door of the sepulchre?" (Mark 16:3)

Thought How would it be if we were to know everything? Not only does an enormous stone close the entrance to the sepulchre, but this stone is sealed by the powerful enemies of Our Lord and is surrounded by soldiers. Go on in spite of all this; God asks of you only that which you are able to perform; He takes what seems impossible upon Himself. When you draw near, all these obstacles have disappeared. True, your sweet spices are of no service, but your wishes have been accomplished and even surpassed.

Prayer Jesus, if Thou triest Thy friends, it is but to surprise them with consolations which more than recompense for any sacrifice.

Practise Make progress in spite of obstacles.


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