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  1. Dear Ms. Bucchianeri
    I have dipped in and out of your book on Marie Julie Jahenny, but have a question re the prayer to be said after Holy Communion. I have been saying the prayer I thank you my beloved, You live in me and I live in you for five minutes, before the prayer asking for the conversion of 100 sinners for one minute. Is this correct, or should it be four and one. I cannot quite fathom out what is the exact formula. Please contact me at ptdale at icloud dot com. Thanks in advance. Paul

    1. Hello Paul, I'll answer here too in case anyone else has the same question!

      The whole devotion is Five Minutes: the first four minutes right after you receive Communion you say the prayer "I thank you my Beloved, You live in me, and I live in You" while resting on the Sacred Heart, and thinking of Him. It's within the fifth minute you ask for the conversion of 1,000 sinners. God bless!