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Book Review / Beta Reader Submissions


* Currently accepting book review and beta readers submissions.

* NOT Accepting Rush Orders at the moment – please check back later.


The Importance of Book Reviews for an Author

Let’s face it. For many people, buying books is an added luxury when so many priorities need to be handled first. Bills, rent, food, meds, new school shoes for little Jimmy, tuition fees, the list goes on. 

Not everyone has a lot of 'fun' cash left over. People need some encouragement to purchase a book with what money they have left.

Not to mention there is a mountain of free entertainment and reading material on the Internet.

Authors need to make their work stand out, especially as so many new books are published each year. 

There is a lot of competition out there.


Reviews can help get a book get noticed by readers and help them decide if it is story or a topic they want to read, and, is worth investing their hard-earned cash in and what little free time they have.  

  In fact, reviews are vital these days to make a book stand out and encourage readers to invest in it, and, help titles rise in the search engine algorithms.

Would you want to buy anything online without checking to see if it has a few reviews or if people are recommending it?

I know I tend to look at what other customers have thought.

But, why get a paid book review you ask?

You are assured of getting a review.

How many free copies have you handed out to friends and family, only to get some vague, not-so-informative feedback on all your hard work, let alone receive no review at all?

Even customers who have bought the book think they have done enough and figure the monetary support should be enough, why write a review? 

 They have no idea that books not talked about die.

They cannot grasp how important it is to get reviews because they can help your sales via publicly posted feedback.  Reviews help get your book noticed on book sites and reach new readers.

Yes, books not talked about “die” in the sense they do not get noticed, and then, they get buried under the tons of new titles put out each year.

Reviews are not only a means to get much needed feedback on your work, 

they are vital in keeping a book alive in the public's eye.



What is Beta Reading?

This assumes you know what Alpha reading is.

Alpha and Beta reading is when you have someone read your manuscript and receive feedback BEFORE it goes into publication. The idea is you want to spot possible problems and weaknesses in the story, plot line, character development, maybe some grammar errors, etc., BEFORE it ends up in print and ends up with bad reviews.

 They help make sure the manuscript / book will be its very best and something a reader will enjoy before being made public.

The difference between the two readers: the Alpha reader is usually the first one who gets to see it, and view it a little more critically in that they will read it and see if they were the writer, how could this manuscript be helped, or improved. A Beta reader then gets to read the manuscript as a casual reader, a fresh pair of eyes as a basic reader. 

These ‘test run’ readers so to speak can help detect when plots lag, interest starts getting lost, and may make suggestions on what you could do.

Note, they are NOT editors. They can help spot problems, but they should NOT have to check every little typo, extra space, etc. Editors do that. Yes, as an Indie, you can skip hiring editors at your own risk. And, also the Alpha and Beta readers. But then, you risk getting some really bad reviews that don’t help.

Note: alpha and beta observations are personal opinions. You are the author and have the final say in the end, but even the greatest authors had their family, friends and especially author-friends look over a manuscript and get ideas from their input, (alphas and betas there!) Good writers are not born overnight, very few if any authors are ‘child prodigies’ like musicians. They receive a lot of input.

Often, other readers see things and awesome plot development ideas in a manuscript the author might never have noticed because they are not so close to the manuscript, and their observations could be something that could be developed further.

It might be a good idea to have a fresh pair of eyes read over your manuscript before going to print.




- Your book / manuscript will be fully read from cover to cover. No ‘skimming’ from me. As you can see, I write books and know how disappointing it can be when people skim your hard work and don’t actually read it.

- If you use a pen name, your real identity will not be revealed.

- You will get my honest opinion.

Should you hire me as a Beta reader, I have published books so you will have somewhat of an Alpha reader as well as a Beta reader combined. I cannot help but read as a writer how a book could be helped and improved, if needed. So, this might be a plus for you.

It happens to every writer at some point: your ideas while in your head sound great, but may not have translated well when trying to get them down on paper.

Don’t be shy to ask for what type of input you are hoping for. You can ask me as a Beta reader if I am ‘getting’ what you hoped to ‘put through’ to the reader in your manuscript. Note, don’t be upset if your manuscript isn’t coming across as you hoped: this is not personal! Getting a beta reader means having someone not so close to the crafting of the draft give a read through it and help you identify any snags in your story or character development in order to polish up your draft and get it ready for the public. But in the end, you are the author. You are the one who has the final say on how your story or book is written.

As for Book Reviews: I would love to give Five and Four star reviews, which are the best. In fact, I love giving out good reviews and would much prefer to give them, but getting my honest opinion means I CANNOT GUARANTEE good reviews.

You may get Three Stars, or (hopefully not) lower.   Note, this may not be a bad thing, Three Star reviews can have their merits as it still shows your book is being talked about. I’ve written a blog post about the usefulness of a ‘middling’ review if it is done in a manner that can still get an author interested readers. (You can read by clicking here.) Sometimes bad publicity can be ‘good’ publicity as they say. As mentioned above, silence kills a book faster than a bad review. And, after all, harsh as it may seem, a middling or bad review is still feedback. An author’s life is filled with feedback of all kinds, good, bad or indifferent. Consider this a means to help you improve your craft.

- I will NOT share the copy you give me. I am an author and I ‘get’ it. You need your book to SELL. While you need publicity, it certainly is not a help in the end having a load of review files spreading around for free. So, rest assured, I will NEVER share your book or manuscript file.

- For Book Reviews: you can use the review on your website and promotional book blurbs, etc.

- Book Reviews: I personally will post the Book Review on these various sites:

* Authors Den - (Review, AND uploaded as an article feature on my own author page.  You can include inside sneak previews and cover picture for the article.   Make sure you have an author's page, you can get a free account, and your books are listed.)


* Goodreads - (ONLY in the discussion page for the book – Goodreads does not permit paid reviews, but there is no rule regarding posting my views as a discussion in the public Discussion page for the book.)

* LibraryThing (ONLY in my book group – LibraryThing does not permit paid reviews, but there is no rule against posting discussions in a group.)

* Barnes and Noble (major USA book retailer.  Note: B&N has a maximum word limit, so my review may need to be tailored to fit the site’s limit condition.)

* Books-a-Million (major USA online book retailer)


*  (USA, online used book seller, but, does have listings of new books.) 


* Waterstones (major online and brick and mortar book retailer in the UK and Ireland.) Of interest, book reviews on Waterstones are also posted on the online site of Foyles, another major online book retailer in the UK.

* Wordery (a major online book retailer in the UK with worldwide free shipping. Note: this bookstore has a very restricted word limit – may be only able to put up a paragraph, so the review will be strictly shortened here.)

* Indigo / Chapters  (major Canadian bookstore chain, also online.)

* Rakuten / Kobo (online Kobo e-reader book site run by Indigo)

* Alibris (This may have multiple book listings for one book, so, I will choose the first recommended copy that shows up at the time. Note, this site also has a word limit, so reviews may need to be tailored to fit.)

* Powells (USA retailer. Note: this bookstore has a very restricted word limit – may be only able to put up a paragraph, so the review will be strictly shortened here.)


* Anobii – ( a book lover and reader social media site.

Make sure you have a page and your books are listed on the site.  Membership is free.)


* Angus and Robertson (major book retailer in Australia.) 


* QBD Books (major online book retailer in Australia)


 * Fishpond (online Australian book retailer.  Note, VERY restricted word limit.)

* Mighty Ape (online book retailer in New Zealand)


* Wordsworth (online book retailer from South Africa.  Has restricted word limit.)


* The review will be listed on my:

1) Book Review page here link to the full review on

2) my blog ‘Books, Babble and Blarney’, (note: that blog is linked to Goodreads, so my followers will see I have posted a review, a little ‘hack’ to get around the ‘no paid’ review policy there.)

3) my Facebook pages and shared with the “Readers and Writers” group I have joined.

4) link on my Twitter account directing to the full review, and also

5) posted on my LinkedIn page.

6) link to full review posted on my Pinterest account

7) It will also be uploaded to my Academia page, a site for sharing documents with academics, university professors and uni students. (This is particularly useful for promoting books to people who read non-fiction.)

8) Internet Archive

9) Scribd

NOTE: about Authors Den, and points 7, 8, 9: Internet Archive, Academia and Scribd are very useful places to post sneak previews of your book – if you have a few free pages you give to readers as a ‘Look Inside the Book’ Feature, I will combine the full review with your preview pages with an image of your cover for extra clout for your book – no extra charge.


Please note, if the site above is a bookstore that allows my reviews, your book MUST BE already listed on it for me to be able to post a review for it. (For example, for Kobo your book must be available as a Kobo e-book, or I can't list it, etc.)


Also note it may take several days for reviews to appear on the various sites once I post them as book sites in particular moderate what goes on first.

!!! SORRY: I cannot post the review as a star rating on Amazon, Goodreads (as an official review) or LibraryThing (as an official review) as they have a strict, no-paid review policy.  Sadly, this is happening with sites like those that Amazon is buying stakes in. 

+++ If you know of another online site not listed above that I may post your review – please let me know! I will gladly post it there, as long as it is a site I can sign up on, and, they permit paid reviews.


* SIZE / LENGTH of the full Book Review: the bare minimum would be 250 words, but if you read my reviews, you will see I often go WAY beyond that. (Click here to see a list of the books I’ve reviewed.) But, I cannot help if certain book or web sites have a restricted word limits, I have to shorten the review for those, but the full review I provide will be posted where possible.

* How soon you can you expect a review / beta opinion: I am usually a persistent reader – I will do my best to get the review / assessment to you within two or three weeks. If for some reason there is a delay past this, I will inform you. If it is a published book – I will give reading updates on Goodreads to where I am at in the book (unfortunately as stated, I CANNOT post the review as a star review), but ‘currently reading’ updates also show up on your Goodreads book pages that someone is reading it, and, also alerts my followers I’m reading your book, which is some help to get around the no paid review policy of Goodreads.



* Book Reviews: 0.15 Euro per page of your manuscript. (fifteen cents Euro currency per page of your manuscript. NOT for the size / page length of my review.)

Example: your book manuscript is 100 pages x €0.15 = €15

I will NOT include the copyright / title page, Table of Contents, or back matter (like research material source pages, indexes, photo credit pages, back page book blurb listings, etc.), in the page count. I will not include blank pages.  So, no padding of the bill with regards to front and back matter. I will only charge for the main text itself, and, if there is a sizable forward or prologue, or epilogue, or appendixes, and explanatory footnotes at the back instead of the foot of the pages, etc.

* Beta reading: € 0.10 Euro per page of your manuscript. (ten cents Euro currency per page of your manuscript.)

Example: Your manuscript is 100 pages x €0.10 = €10

I will NOT include the copyright / title page, Table of Contents, or back matter (like research material source pages, indexes, photo credit pages, back page book blurb listings, etc.), in the page count. I will not include blank pages.  So, no padding of the bill with regards to front and back matter. I will only charge for the main text itself, and, if there is a sizable forward or prologue, or epilogue, or appendixes, and explanatory footnotes at the back instead of the foot of the pages, etc.

* “RUSH” ORDER: If you really need a review or beta opinion in under two weeks – contact me first to see if I can accommodate you. This will depends on the time I have, if I have other books already submitted, and also the size of your book or manuscript, when you actually need the review / assessment/ and possibly other factors, etc.

If I accept, a requested rush order will be €0.20 Euro (twenty Euro cents) per page.

Example – your manuscript: 100 pages x €0.20 = €20

NOTE: if I complete a regular book or manuscript submission in under two weeks, you will NOT be charged for a rush order.


!!! Submissions outside the EU: currency fluctuations occur. Please be aware I am not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations. You can use online currency calculators for an approximate estimate of the cost in your currency. Currency conversion and bank fees may also apply.


Paypal only.



- I can only accept PDF, EPUB or Word processor DOC files only.

I live in Portugal, and physical copies of books sent to me from overseas carry hefty customs duties.

* Please also send me a picture of your book cover (front cover) – this will be very helpful for Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook posts.  PNG and JPEG files.  Please do not make the picture file size too big, or it may not load.

- SUBJECTS COVERED: before submitting, please read my other reviews, (click here), or check out my own books and publications (click here) to see if my reading and writing interests is a fit for your book subject. It wouldn’t help you if I was completely ignorant about your genre or topic.

But, my interests are broad. I do like a mix of fiction and non-fiction, classic literature, classical music / composers, historical fiction, history, sci-fi and fantasy (Trekker, Tolkien, ‘The Last Unicorn’ type of genre).  Interests also include Catholic subjects, prophecies, mysticism.   I also have an understanding of alchemy, Freemasonry / Illuminati and various related conspiracy theories, so you might have an adventure book along those lines, etc.  You must be the judge if I am a reviewer that would be a fit for your subject or genre.  You can also check with me too by submitting a synopsis of your book, or a link to its page on Amazon, Goodreads, etc for me to take a look at.

- NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse manuscripts.  Books dealing with adult topics and directed at a mature readership is fine, but please, no overly graphic smut, porn or erotica, or books purposely promoting terrorism, or illegal activities such as manuals on how to build bombs or how to make drugs, etc. Stories with terrorists and drug runners as part of the drama is fine, so are books discussing history with these topics, etc., but no overt political or similar manifestos supporting illegal or purposely harmful activities.

 If I reject a manuscript or book, I WILL let you know why.  However, this is going to be rare.  It will have to be very good reason like what I pointed out above and you ignore the above note for me to outright reject something.

* Please be aware I do give ‘parental guidance’ ratings in my reviews, and what age groups can read the book, should this apply. (You can read one of my unpaid Amazon reviews to get an idea, click here).




First, please check and see if I am accepting submissions at the top of this page.

Also, note the manuscripts I won't accept in order to avoid a refusal.

- I will let you know if I have accepted your manuscript. Should I accept your manuscript. I will finish it within two to three weeks and write my review / beta assessment. Should a further delay occur for whatever reason, (ill health, work, emergencies), I will inform you.

(If you need a rush order - definitely two weeks or sooner – please contact me first so I may see if I can accommodate you. Please also check to see if I am accepting submissions at the top of the page.)

For published books I will make ‘currently reading’ updates on Goodreads regarding pages I am at to show I am reading it. NOTE AGAIN: I CANNOT give a star book review on Goodreads, this feature will be used for reading progress reports and I show I am on the job.

For beta readings, I will send e-mail updates.

- BOOK REVIEWS: when I have written my review, I will contact you first. You can decide if you wish to receive the review. If you DO NOT wish to receive the review, I will not charge you, but you will not receive the review, and it will not be publicly posted anywhere.

If you wish to receive the book review NO MATTER WHAT THE STAR RATING IS, I will first send request for payment


Please make sure you send me your correct Paypal information.  Once I have received payment, I will send you the review privately first. You can decide if you wish for me to post it publicly in the places I have listed above: I will wait for confirmation if you wish me to go ahead and publicly post the review, or on the other hand, your instruction not to post should you decide. (Again, keep in mind I may have to put up shorter versions of book reviews for sites with word or character limits.)

* If you wish me to add preview pages to my review for Academia, Scribd and Internet Archive, please send me a file of the preview pages you want, the book back page or promotional ‘blurb’, and don’t forget pictures of your front cover. You can also give me a link to your website if you wish: I can insert this into the documents for those sites.

!!!!!! WARNING: 

Reviews and Beta reading means 

you will receive personal opinions




- If you request to receive the review or my beta assessment, be aware that my review and beta reading assessment is my personal opinion(s): I MAY NOT LIKE YOUR BOOK / STORY / MANUSCRIPT, and / or, I PERSONALLY MAY SEE PROBLEMS WITH IT. You cannot demand a refund should this occur.

* Please also read the type of book reviews I write, (click here).

I will assume you like the way I write and the style in which I write book reviews before submitting your document. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS if after I have sent you a written book review and you do not like the way I personally wrote it.

* You cannot demand I make changes to it unless you catch typos or grammatical errors that are not meant to be stylistic. That is, no massive or drastic stylistic changes that make you the author of the book review and not me. Seems pointless hiring me for my service if you don’t like my review style. (Do note, I use British spelling - if you want me to write the review in US spelling, let me know.)

* NOTE: I am also not responsible for the running or the management and / or the technical errors and glitches of the websites on which I attempt to post the review, or if after I post the review and it shows to be posted, but then the site later experiences a blackout or has gone out, etc. Others sites may also alter the formatting / layout of the text.

+++ I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE SHOULD BOOK SITES / STORES / WEBSITES REJECT THE REVIEW. Is a great rarity, but other sites have the right to reject a review. They may also decide to take down a review for whatever reason.

Again please note, it may take up to one or several days for reviews to appear on the various sites once I post them since book sites in particular moderate what goes on their site before letting it appear.


It will be assumed you have read all the following points and agree to my submission process and conditions before submitting your book/ manuscript.



Please read everything on this page before submitting. I will assume you have read all the following points and agree to my submission process and terms and conditions before submitting your book/ manuscript.

- Send your files to the following e-mail below:


remove (AT) and place in @

+ If you wish me to include some preview pages of your book for the Authors Den article, Internet Archive, Scribd and Academia listings, please also send me a file of that, plus your front book cover, author website link, and any promotional blurb material you would like include, such as back of the book blurb, author bio, etc.

+ Also provide please me with your Twitter handle and Facebook page name so I can tag / mention you as proof I have put up my review / posted on those sites

* Please make sure your send me your correct Paypal information so I may request payment when the review / beta reading is ready.

If someone else is paying for you, or you give me an account name that differs from yours, I have the right to contact the e-mail of the Paypal account given to verify first in order to avoid defrauding someone else’s account.


Any questions? E-mail me above, or use the comment box below!

PLEASE use the box below only for book review and beta reading questions or comments.

Like my service, or, does it need improvement?  Please let me know!


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