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  1. qualityparts777@gmail.com4 June 2022 at 05:37

    hi. do you have a list of the different medicines taught in the prophecies? thank you

    1. Hi, yes, this link here, copy and paste into your browser:

  2. Hi. You wrote about a Thomas Becket prophecy. Do you know where I can find all his prophecies?

  3. Hi - sorry, no I don't, I'm still trying to the other prophecies attributed to him, but no luck yet I'm afraid.

  4. Hello
    This is a message of thanks for all the work you did. I have been reading catholic prophecy books for a long time and none of them come close to what you have on this site.
    Do you have a book or kindle edition of all this info? It would be great to listen to, while one is going about their daily chores.

    God bless and reward you for all the work you do.
    Mary K

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy the site! Sorry to say, no I don't have an Audible or Kindle edition of the Great Monarch prophecies. Just the blog / website as the information is updated when new info is found, which is easier to do on a website - it would be hard to keep coming out with new editions of books, etc. God Bless.

  5. I forgot to add that I am using an iPhone which can read the pages for me

  6. Hello,

    Is there a way to get a hold of you via email?

    I'd like to know why exactly the seers Nostradamus and Johannes Friede have been discounted in your narrative. It's not enough to just say "pagan" or "mysticism". Both mention that the cosmic event takes place in the autumn and that the earth's gravity will be disrupted.

    Though Nostradamus made recourse to the method of brazen tripod, this was merely to improve his concentration. He indicated that he already had a natural knack for prophesying, on account of his ancestry, who had long neglected it. We mustn't forget that the Jewish people were originally regarded as Chaldean astrologers. You'll recall that Johann Vatiguerro had consulted a Chaldean on prophecies.

    Also, Julian the Apostate alluded to a number of "pagan" practices early Christians inherited from the Jews, such as the augury. Premonitory dreams are especially prominent in the Bible. And didn't the apostles draw lots in Acts, basing their election on chance?

    As for Friede, his prediction that scientists would be enabled by the event to perceive spirits with their technology is extremely uncanny. Friede appears to imply aurora borealis as one of the signs, but Pliny mentioned other phenomena which has since been mistaken for it.

    Btw have you considered factoring in Orthodox Christian predictions (i.e. Russian and Greek saints)?

  7. I have laid out detailed reasons why those prophecies are not in the timeline. Please re-read those pages again. God Bless.

  8. Dear people, A response from the Netherlands via Google (Chrome) translate.

    Here is a prophecy in German language about the Catechon in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 from minute 5:50 .. .. In minute 4:20 the Angel of Peace is spoken of and that is the great Monarch, the Hypostatic Human Angel in Revelation 10.

    The prince comes first as the Malachi 3:1 messenger ..then as the Herald of Joy in Isaiah 52:7 as the leader of God's army of favored persons. The person in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 = the false prophet Maitreya, calling himself the Christ. The false prophet Maitreya comes before the 6th Seal Judgment.. the 6th Seal Judgment is opened by the 3 days of darkness.

    🦋-🐛 = 🤴 🤴+👸 = Psalm 45 ....🤫

  9. Hi. If the video is in German, I cannot understand it -there are no subtitles in English, at least English subtitles are not showing for me, so I cannot verify this interpretation.

    Also, the video apparently is from the visions of "Luz de Maria" judging from the picture of her name in the top screen - I will not enter a discussion about her prophecies as her prophecies of the 'Angel of Peace' has heretical language in it, and contrary to what is said on the internet - she is NOT approved by the Church as an authentic mystic - her texts have errors and even heretical statements in them, and she contradicts approved mystics. I have included a commentary on why she is not in my prophecy timeline here:

    PS - Everyone, PLEASE READ THE RULES for this comment page - this is not the place to post involved discussion about the Great Monarch prophecies. I will remove further posts attempting to get into long dialogues about that here. Thank you!

  10. Madam,

    You do what the following prophecy of Belley's sister says:

    The day of justice has come, I see in the face of the [[one denied by all the world]], succumb and collapse. A woman rescued him, a woman follows him. A servant of the Most High supports him. This servant was ‼️recently anointed with the holy oil...Behold your king. He appears amid the confusion of the storm. What a horrible moment. The good, the bad fall. Babylon is reduced to ashes…woe to you cursed city!

    You have rejected my understanding and so I am not going to respond from my side, (Isaiah 11:3) ..a missed opportunity for you. Later you will understand.

    1. The 'Belley' prophecy is very suspect - there are major signs of it being a forgery and having additions made to it, especially as it has a failed prophecy in it. It is not credible as a prophecy. Info here:

  11. Hi, I just downloaded the book "We are warned" and wanted to point out that the right latin name of the herb "St. John's wort" is "Ipericum perforatum". "Glechoma hederacea" is instead commonly known as "ground ivy".

    1. Hi, I've printed an explanation concerning the mix-up of names of the herbs in the blog: 'St. John's Herb' in French is both herbs, the ground ivy AND the different herb St. John's wort, so a bad English translation I used had given St. John's wort as the herb needed for the plagues, but it was wrong, we need the 'ground ivy'. You can read the info / correction here:

  12. I would like to invite you to share my short composition "O Crux Ave, Spes Unica" for piano/organ and voice.

    I decided to put this beautiful prayer of Marie-Julie Jahenny into music. I would be glad if more people could use it for their purpuse.

    Would you be interested if I sent you PDF?

  13. Yes please, I'd be interested. But is there anyway you can share it through a file share site and send me the link? It might be easier if I can actually direct people to a link.


    You are welcome :)

    1. Hi, Scribd is saying the document was removed. :-(


      I am sorry, there was an issue with Scribd. This one should work and I would be glad if you promote it on your website :)

  15. Hello, there is one more thing I would like to ask you, have any attempts in the church already been made in order to promote sanctification of Marie-Julie? What is the obstacle for her to be at least pronounced blessed?

    1. Hi, I have not heard of any canonisation process opened, but Heaven itself has a good reason for that - in one of her visions she was told the Great Monarch Henry V of the Cross will formally request she be made a saint the same time he does so for his ancestor, Louis XVI. So, it seems her canonisation is reserved as a triumph for the Age of Peace, I'm guessing we're not going to see much done for her case until then. You can read the vision about that here - Post #266:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you for your reply :)

      May I ask you, could you give me your permission to translate your eBook "Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist: Her Life and Prophecies" to Czech?

      I would like to make your work accessible also to the Czech Catholic audience.

      Sincerely Pavel Štěpánek, Brno, Czech Republic

    4. Yes, of course, by all means do! The thing is, that book is already getting out of date - for instance, I am finding much important information I didn't have back then, such as the prayers that need to be said over the healing herbs, and other things like a translation errors, such as Our Lady being 'worshipped' instead of 'venerated', the actual word in French was 'venerated' I didn't catch it before the e-book got published, I trusted an electronic translator too much!

      I suggest cross checking with my blog, it's basically the entries of the book, but with the added info and notification of certain corrections, etc.

    5. Great, thank you for your reply and your suggestions.

      I would also like to send you a better recording of "O Crux Ave, Spes Unica" prayer I have uploaded on YouTube:

      As you write, there is one specific, clearly defined promise of this Scapular: A promise that impious people will be stuck and almost convert when entering your home.

      No doubt you also have this Scapular shown in your house, do you consider this promise be valid due to your personal experience? Thank you so much and thank you for your work, which is accessible to everyone.

    6. Hi, thanks for the links! RE: the Scapular's promise regarding the impious who enter - hmm, this one is hard to gauge, especially as conversions still take time, and sometime you don't hear about them! I do know personally that since I've got one right at the front door and is the first thing people see, I suddenly had a decrease in visitors that tended to cause upset in the home, i.e. that seemed to bring in a disturbance in the feel of the place, or would cause spiritual disturbance, i.e like derailing prayer life by becoming such a social 'abusive nuisance' where boundaries are crossed and you can't even get your daily duties done. I'm starting to hear people receiving the promised graces of having the home protected from fire, and, someone told me that they live in a very bad neighborhood, and almost everyone around them has been broken into, but they are left alone, and so they have attributed this to the Scapular. Also, I think the main part of the conversion promise is I think it was intended for the time when the 'red religion' will be enforced, espeically in France first, government impious spies will be searching homes looking for priests and making the lives of the faithful miserable. I am guessing we are going to hear more stories of graces granted through the Scapular as times get worse, since it was meant for a protection against the chastisements.

  16. Is We are Warned out of print? I downloaded the pdf.

    1. Hello! No, it is not out of print, it was never released in physical book form. Only in e-book / PDF.

  17. Hi Elizabeth, this is Joan P from NV, checking out your wonderful accomplishments and wanting to get your email address so we can keep in touch and also thank you for your beautiful Christmas letter.
    Always in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hearing from you real soon.

  18. Hi there! I'm glad the card arrived! The Portuguese post can be very chaotic at times! I'm trying to figure out how to send my e-mail to you without putting it up here as I had to take it down off the site due the amount of spam I was getting! Do you have Facebook or Twitter? If you follow one of my accounts, (listed above) you can direct message me and I'll keep a look out for your message and give it to you there? Or, will I snail mail it to you?

  19. Please when you have some time review the website countdown to the kingdom and their list of have covered some of those dubious messengers.

  20. Sorry didn't mean countdown to the kingdom but rather after the warning dot com. Thanks

  21. Dia Duit, Elizabeth.
    Aidan anseo i gCorcaigh.
    Inniu, chuala mé gur d'éag do mháthair ó na daoine anseo in eaglais an tSeanchoill.
    Go dtuga Dia trócaire di.
    Tá súil agam go bhfuil tú go maith.

  22. Do you believe that France is in Civil War right now according to the prophecies by Marie-Julie Jahenny?

  23. Hi,

    I wasn't entirely sure where to contact you about this. Do you have access to the primary sources on Bishop Fournier of Nantes' approval of Marie Julie Jahenny? I read your quotation of it in a blog post defending her, but wondered if this was publicly available.

    After seeing my family's purple scapular in our House, I had a friend recently send me Dr. Mark Miraville's video critique on the alleged dangers of the purple scapular due its lack of approval and more specifically on what he sees as the theological errors of Blessed Marie Julie Jahenny.

    Additionally any links to weightier scholarly theological discussion of the content of Blessed Marie Julie Jahenny's visions and messages as well as any prophecies that have already been fulfilled (or have failed) would be appreciated if you have them. I am interested in case Dr. Mark Miraville's overall contentions are readily addressed to send to my friend.


    Kieran O'Connell

  24. Hi - I'll try and answer some of your questions. 1) No, I don't have access to the primary documents themselves: that letter by the bishop was sent to the doctor who investigated Marie-Julie's wounds, and the letter I believe is in the possession of the "Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny" in France. The "Marquis" who started that association published it in his book, which is how we have come to know about it.

    2) I've only seen a few minutes of that video - and from the first I have to take it with a grain of salt: ironically, he who is condemning a mystic who has NOT officially been condemned by the Church has a picture of an official Church-condemned apparition in the background on his bookcase, (Our Lady of All Nations of Amsterdam, this was recently condemned again by the local bishop.) So, how seriously should we take him? I've seen quite a few things taken out of context in the bit of the video I watched. The professor condemning Marie-Julie obviously hasn't read everything, or, compared with the prophecies of approved saints and mystics. I'll be viewing the whole video as soon as I can and will be writing my response to it, however, I'm buried under work at the moment and have publication deadlines, so I'll try and get to it when I can. God Bless.

    1. Update - I have seen the whole video: Dr. Miravalle has taken everything out of context, and left out important information - his observations are in some places are so cringe-worthy due to his misrepresentation of the texts that I am very surprised this should come from a credentialed theologian.

      You can read my response to the points he brings up here:

      God Bless.

  25. Hi,

    Thank you very much. I'll read this soon.

    God bless

  26. Hi are you the blogger of If so I want you get into notice of Book of the Bee. This book is used as a history text for East Syriac christians of persia ( The Caldean Catholics, Church of the east and Assyrian Church). There is a chapter 53 about end time which contains about a King of Greek. I think its about Roman Emperor as East christians usually called Roman Emperors like Constantine as 'King'.

    1. link to a english translation