The Month of Saint Michael by Fr. Marin de Boylesve




Saint Michael According to the Bible 

and According to Tradition"


“Who is like unto God?” 


 To this day St. Michael the Archangel burns with the same fiery zeal for the glory of God as when he thrust Satan from the heights of Heaven. The defender of God's people, this mighty prince is always ready to come to the assistance of those who call upon him. If you are devoted to this great saint, wish to increase your devotion, or in need of spiritual encouragement in these dark times “The Month of Saint Michael” is for you.

Written by Fr. Marin de Boylesve, S.J. (1813-1892), 'The Month of Saint Michael' features short inspiring and encouraging meditations drawn from the Bible for every day for the month of September in honour of the great commander of the Heavenly hosts, as well as passages recounting the graces, apparitions and interventions of the Archangel according to holy Tradition and history. 

This new, first ever English edition of Fr. de Boylesve's text contains additional traditional prayers of protection and devotions, forty-two sacred illustrations, a biography of the author and informative annotations. A spiritual gem for any time of the year, not just September!

About the author: Fr. Marin de Boylesve is best remembered in France for spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart with his writings thereby promoting the cause for the construction of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris. 


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The Month of Saint Michael


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Saint Michael According to the Bible

First Day:

Michael and the Dragon … 29

Second Day:

The Three Envoys and Abraham … 31

Third Day:

The Angel and Isaac … 35

Fourth Day:

The Angel and Jacob … 37

Fifth Day:

The Angel and Moses … 41

Sixth Day:

The Angel and the Camp of Israel … 43

Seventh Day:

The Angel and the People of God … 45

Eighth Day:

The Angel and Mount Sinai 48

Ninth Day:

The Prince of God's Army … 49

Tenth Day:

The Angel and the Weepers … 52

Eleventh Day:

The Angel and Gideon … 54

Twelfth Day:

The Angel and Samson … 57

Thirtheeth Day:

The Angel and David … 59

Fourteenth Day:

The Angel and Eliseus (Elisha) … 62

Fifteenth Day:

The Angels and Isaiah … 63

Sixteenth Day:

The Angel and Sennacherib … 65

Seventeenth Day:

The Angels and the Captivity in Babylon … 68

Eighteenth Day:

The Angel and the Man of Sin … 73

Nineteenth Day:

The Angel and the Profaner … 74

Twentieth Day:

The Angels and

Judas Machabeus (Maccabeus) … 76

Twenty-First Day:

The Angel and Jesus in Agony … 79

Twenty-Second Day:

The Angel and the Risen Jesus … 80

Twenty-Third Day:

The Angel and the Apostles … 83

Twenty-Fourth Day:

The Angel and St. Peter … 84

Twenty-Fifth Day:

St. Michael and the Devil … 88

Twenty-Sixth Day:

The Angel and the Sealed Book … 91

Twenty-Seventh Day:

The Angel and the Censer … 93

Twenty-Eighth Day:

The Angel and the End of Time … 94

Twenty-Ninth Day:

Once Again St. Michael and the Dragon … 97

Thirtieth Day:

The Angel in the Sun … 99


Saint Michael According to Tradition

Saint Michael in the Arts … 104

The Angel and the Agony … 107

The Angel of the Resurrection … 110

The Feast Day of St. Michael … 113

St. Michael and France … 118

The Shells of St. Michael … 121

St. Michael and Charlemagne … 128

St. Michael and St. Joan of Arc … 130

The Vow of Queen Anne of Austria … 132

St Michael and King Afonso I … 134

St. Michael and St. Francis … 137

St. Michael at the Time of Death:

      1. Preservation … 140

      1. Assistance … 143

      1. Escort … 146

The Celestial Procession

Attending the Vatican Council

- December 8, 1869 … … … 147

The Angel of Judgement Day … 150

Hymn to St. Michael … 157

The Chaplet of Saint Michael … 162

The Litany to St. Michael … 179

Prayer Upon Choosing St. Michael

as a Special Protector:

An Act of Consecration to St. Michael … 182

The Archconfraternity

of the Archangel St. Michael

Established at the Ancient Abbey

of Mont Saint-Michel (Manche) … 184


Other Associations, Sacramentals and Prayers

The Confraternity of the

Scapular of St. Michael … 191

The Devotional Knights

of St. Michael the Archangel … 204

The Simple Exorcism of Pope Leo XIII

A Prayer Against Satan

for Priests or Laity … … … 211

Prayer for the Church and for Souls … 218

A Prayer for Help

Against Spiritual Enemies … 223

Prayer for Protection

of the Church and Her Members … 224

Indulgenced Invocations … 226

Illustration Credits 228



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